Blackmagic NAB 2011 update

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Blackmagic NAB 2011 update

Postby Support » Tue Apr 12, 2011 7:50 pm

It's NAB 2011 time, and we have some exciting new products!

This year we have new products for live production as well as post production. It's really exciting, and we have new DaVinci Resolve, DeckLink cards, live production switchers, monitoring, disk recorders, converters and more!

New products include:

• DaVinci Resolve 8 Update
• DaVinci Resolve Lite
• UltraStudio 3D
• DeckLink 4K
• UltraStudio SDI
• ATEM Production Switchers
• ATEM Television Studio
• ATEM Camera Converter
• HyperDeck Shuttle
• HyperDeck Studio
• SmartView Duo
• DeckLink Quad
• Adobe CS 5.5 Update
• Media Express 3 Update

I will cover the post production products first!

DaVinci Resolve 8

We have a massive update to DaVinci Resolve this year, and it's packed with incredible features that we think colorists will love!

DaVinci Resolve 8 now includes multi layer timeline support with editing, XML import and export with Apple Final Cut Pro™, OpenCL processing to allow use on latest Apple iMac and MacBook Pro computers, real time noise reduction, new curve grading, advanced multi point stabilization, automatic stereoscopic 3D image alignment and much more! DaVinci Resolve 8 also supports the Avid™ Artist Color™ control panel.

We have the new DaVinci Resolve 8 on our booth at NAB and it's amazing! We even have it running on iMacs and MacBook Pro computers so you can get a feel for the amount of processing that can be done on these computers. The multi track timeline is amazing, and the automatic stereo 3D image alignment is like magic!

The best news is we are going to give this update to all Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve customers free of charge. We expect this update will ship before June.

DaVinci Resolve Lite

This is exciting news, and we have worked so hard to be able to offer a new DaVinci Resolve Lite for Mac OS X that's completely free for download and use by anyone!

We really think that color correction is so amazing, and what it can do for the quality of video production is so good, that we think a free version of DaVinci Resolve will really help boost the art of color correction. Color correction is an art in itself, and we hope a lot more people will be able to use it now with DaVinci Resolve Lite.

DaVinci Resolve Lite includes all the same high quality processing as the full DaVinci Resolve, however limits projects to SD and HD resolutions, only two color correction nodes, a single processing GPU and a single RED rocket card.

Stereoscopic 3D features, noise reduction, power mastering, remote grading and sharing projects with an external database server are features only offered in the full DaVinci Resolve so are not included in this free DaVinci Resolve Lite edition. Customers who want to eliminate these restrictions can purchase the full DaVinci Resolve Software

Even without these features on DaVinci Resolve Lite, image quality is never limited, and you still get the same incredible image processing quality of DaVinci Resolve. DaVinci Resolve Lite can still accept high resolution source footage in 2K and 4K from the latest digital cameras from RED and ARRI, so it’s also a fantastic digital camera utility.

DaVinci Resolve Lite also includes high quality optical resizing, curve grading, XML import and export, 32 bit float processing, YRGB image processing, multi layer timelines, stabilization, window tracking, primary and secondary color correction, real time processing, capture and playback with deck control, compatibility with third party control panels and many more.

It's really exciting, and DaVinci Resolve Lite will be available on our web site to download about 2-3 weeks after DaVinci Resolve 8 ships.

In about 2 weeks time we will be posting, on the DaVinci Resolve page on our web site, a complete feature list of each model of DaVinci Resolve. This will make it clear what features are included in the free version compared to the full version.

UltraStudio 3D

Another great post production product we have this year is designed to work with the new Thunderbolt technology, and it's called UltraStudio 3D.

This product features a portable design that's actually machined out of a solid block of aluminum. It's amazing, and features dual link 3 Gb/s SDI in and out, HDMI 1.4a in and out, analog component video in and out and more. It plugs into everything and because it's portable, you can plug into the latest MacBook Pro computers and take it on the road. It even works with DaVinci Resolve 8!

With built-in dual steam support, you can use the UltraStudio 3D dual link SDI connections to capture and play back two streams, one for the left eye and one for the right eye. The two streams are recorded into two separate media files. Dual stream 3D is higher quality because each eye is full resolution video. UltraStudio 3D also features the latest HDMI 1.4a so it can capture and play back full resolution 3D from HDMI as well!

UltraStudio 3D will ship in July

DeckLink 4K

DeckLink 4K is a new 3 Gb/s Quad Link SDI capture card that supports SD, HD, 3 Gb/s HD, 2K and 4K capture and playback using a single PCI Express slot. It supports all SDI formats, as well as a wide range of color spaces. It can be instantly switched between SD, HD, 2K and 4K so you can do any kind of work from standard post production and broadcast, right up to digital film in 4K and all on the same card.

DeckLink 4K also supports advanced video and film colorspaces, including REC601, REC709 and XYZ to meet DCI specifications. When you need the highest quality possible, you can even work in native 2K or 4K before down resolution converting to HD deliverables.

We have DeckLink 4K playing back some amazing looking material onto a full resolution 4K monitor at NAB, and please come by and check it out. It’s amazing to see this high quality video playing in real time!

DeckLink 4K will be shipping late June

UltraStudio SDI

UltraStudio SDI is a small compact design that fits right into your hand! It features an attractive, machined aluminum design so it looks great on a desk or on location shoots. UltraStudio SDI includes SDI capture and playback, as well as a built in HDMI 1.4 output for local monitoring using a low cost television as a broadcast monitor. It also includes genlock and RS-422 deck control. UltraStudio SDI powers from the USB 3.0 connection so it is an extremely easy-to-install and very portable solution.

We think this is the perfect product to use when you’re running a large design or editing team and need local monitoring and SDI video in and out, and it's also perfect for people who are connecting to routers and only need SDI. It even includes a mount plate so you can screw it under desks and hide it away!

UltraStudio SDI will be shipping in June

Now we have a range for new products for live production. I think when you look at the television industry, everyone can see the massive changes that have happened in post production equipment over the last 10 years. It's also easy to see how the audio industry has changed over the last 10-15 years.

However live production is still the same as it has been for decades. That’s a shame because live production captures some of the most amazing things that happen in our world. However because of the high cost of live production, almost none of the really cool, exciting things that happen, are covered well.

We want to change this by completely revolutionizing the live production market, and we think we have some really exciting products to help make high quality multi camera live production dramatically more affordable. I hope this allows more live events to be professionally covered that would have been economically unviable before.

Another great advantage of live production is you can often get access to venues that are hard to get into because you have the advantage of being able to provide live coverage of the event to the audience at the event itself. I have seen this happen on multiple televisions mounted around locations such as sporting grounds and nightclubs, however sometimes you can send a live feed to large LED screens. You can provide live coverage to the audience and show close up views of action that's hard for the audience to see.

Then you can generate revenue from selling the content after the event, or even playing commercials to the audience at the event itself. So not only is live production exciting and a real adrenaline rush if done well, but it's also good business as well!

Lets start with the new ATEM switchers!

ATEM Production Switchers

Our new range of ATEM Production Switchers now have more powerful features, smaller size, lower cost and the ability to customize your solution for your needs and budget.

ATEM Production Switchers will now be sold independent of the control panel, so you can start at a lower cost, using the chassis and a software control panel for Mac or Windows. When you want to add a hardware-based control panel, then the ATEM Broadcast Panels can be purchased separately.

The new software control panel software for Mac and Windows lets you use ATEM switchers from your laptop. There are two models of ATEM switcher and both include the ATEM Software Control Panel at no extra cost.

The 1 M/E Production Switcher model is 2 rack units size, and includes 8 total inputs of SDI, HDMI and component video. This model has 3 aux. outputs, and a single Multi View for monitoring. The 2 M/E Product Switcher model is a larger 3 rack units in size, and includes two separate M/E rows, a total of 16 video inputs, 6 aux. outputs, 2 Multi Views for monitoring, redundant power input and SuperSource™ multi layer compositing.

Both models include 4 upstream keyers each with independent chroma, shaped and linear keying in the transition block, as well as 2 downstream keyers, stinger effects, graphic wipe, built in DVE, multi view, 2 GB of memory for still and clips playback, USB 3.0 and independent fade to black. There is even HD down conversion and lots of analog connections for plugging into any location equipment.

These are incredibly powerful switchers but also include lots of HDMI so you can take advantage of the new consumer cameras for high quality HD sources. Each input as a full frame sync, so you don't even need genlock!

The ATEM 1 M/E Production switcher will ship in May for $2,495 and the ATEM 1 M/E Broadcast Panel will also ship in May for $4,995. The 2 M/E models will ship later.

ATEM Television Studio

ATEM Television Studio is an exciting new live production switcher that combines a professional switcher with a broadcast quality H.264 encoder so you can perform live multi-camera production and broadcast encoding for the Internet all in one product and all at the same time.

We have taken an ATEM switcher and reduced the features to a single upstream chroma keyer, two still-graphic still stores, 2 downstream keyers, fade to black, multi view, ethernet for a software control panel, wide range of transitions, 4 HDMI inputs and 4 SDI inputs.

ATEM Television Studio includes USB 2.0 so the program feed is encoded into full HD resolution H.264 files that can be posted on the internet or used on Apple iPhone, iPad and Apple TV products. It's really cool having all this crammed in a single rack unit size!

I think ATEM Television Studio is the first live production switcher for the internet age. It lets you use the internet as your own personal television transmitter! Imagine using it to capture school sports or weddings, and then posting the result online with titles and more. It's very exciting and it can all be done in the one unit!

You can take advantage of consumer HD cameras because it has HDMI inputs and every input has full frame re-sync. It also has genlock and SDI inputs so you can use professional broadcast grade SDI-based cameras with full 10 bit broadcast quality. You get 6 inputs in total, as 2 inputs switch between SDI and HDMI. If you want a nice hardware panel, you can simply plug in an ATEM Broadcast Panel.

ATEM Television Studio will ship in July

ATEM Camera Converter

One of the biggest problems with live production is getting your cameras closer to the action. Sometimes when you’re at the other side of a race track or the other side of a golf course, you don't even have power available.

Now we have solved this problem with ATEM Camera Converter. It’s a compact converter that allows HDMI or SDI cameras to be plugged into an optical fiber cable back to your switcher. It uses the same cheap optical fiber used in computer networking so any electrical wholesaler has it in stock. You can get up to 148,000 feet range, so it's amazing.

What’s really exciting is we have included full talkback using standard computer headsets so you have full communication with the switcher operator or director. ATEM Camera Converter also has a built in battery so you can use it where there is no power, and it has built-in tally from the switcher so you can see when you’re on air.

We have also included balanced microphone inputs so you can use higher quality microphones for local audio, and there is a button pad so you can select the SDI and HDMI outputs between the camera input, or the return optical fiber feed, which generally is connected to the program output of your switcher.

Can you imagine being at the starting gates of a horse race up close to the action, having full two-way communications with the switcher operator? You know when you’re on air with the tally indication, and you’re battery-powered so you can move around and remain portable!

I think it's fantastic to have all this in a single converter! ATEM Camera Converter will ship in July for $595.
[url] ... converter/[/url]

HyperDeck Shuttle

The next product came from the idea that we wanted a cart machine for video so we could play clips in live broadcasts with our ATEM switchers. We wanted to be able to run opening sequences, closing titles or even advertisements during live events. We also wanted to be able to record and then do instant replays.

We thought the best solution would be an uncompressed 10 bit video recorder and player that uses removable Solid State Disks as the media. HyperDeck Shuttle is an incredibly tiny and portable unit with HDMI and SDI in and outputs, a keypad for transport control and an internal battery. It's machined out of a solid block of aluminum so it's incredibly tough.

You can use it to capture direct from cameras in video shoots, or for clip playback in digital signage applications. When you plug in the SDI or HDMI connections into an ATEM switcher, it makes a perfect cart player or recorder and instant replay device.

It’s amazing quality and so portable. We think SSDs are the broadcast tape of the 21st century, and they are incredibly easy to buy and use. They get bigger all the time and cheaper all the time because they are used in laptops and computers.

What’s also exciting about SSDs is they can simply be plugged into a computer using an eSATA dock and you can edit directly from them with no file copying. We use Mac OS X formatted SSDs and capture to standard uncompressed QuickTime files, so you get an open standard that won't become obsolete in the future.

HyperDeck Shuttle will ship in a few weeks

HyperDeck Studio

While HyperDeck Shuttle is a tiny portable model, we thought it would be fantastic to have a rack mount model with more features. You can mount HyperDeck Studio in a rack and insert SSDs fast and easily. You get a full color LCD with timecode and transport information, and even a small preview of the playback or record video.

HyperDeck Shuttle features a nice design with two independent SSD slots. This means it can record forever because when one disk fills, it will automatically continue capturing to the second disk! The slots illuminate red when recording, or green when playing back, and all in a single rack unit size. You even get a jog shuttle knob!

HyperDeck Studio includes the same amazing quality uncompressed 10 bit capture and playback from SDI and HDMI connections on to removable SSDs with Mac OS X formatted disks and QuickTime files! There are transport control buttons on the front, RS-422 deck control on the rear, and built-in ethernet for remote transport control.

HyperDeck Studio is due to ship in July

SmartView Duo

Although you can never have enough monitoring in post production, with live production, you need to monitor every camera so monitoring becomes a big issue.

Luckily the ATEM switchers have built in multi view which lets you see all your cameras using a single HDMI or SDI monitor, however with 8 cameras, program and preview all on the same monitor, it can get a little small.

To solve this problem, SmartView Duo features 2 large 8 inch LCD screens in a 3 rack unit chassis. Each screen has independent SDI inputs, and we support all the current video formats, even 2K using 3 Gb/s SDI connections. To make settings easy we included ethernet connections so you can adjust all the screens in a video wall from a single laptop.

The images on these monitors look stunning, and they make fantastic master control monitoring for all the cameras coming into a live production switcher. I think with SmartView Duo you can turn your production area into something that looks like a spaceship! Each monitor is bright and clear so you can see everything from your cameras. It's amazing.

SmartView Duo will ship in late April or May

DeckLink Quad

For developers, DeckLink Quad allows 4 channel capture and playback in a single PCI Express card and each channel features fail over relays and watch dog timers so it's broadcast strength. DeckLink Quad is actually 4 independent DeckLink SDI cards in a single card, so any software written for a single card should work with DeckLink Quad without change. We think this is an exciting card for software developers creating custom solutions.

DeckLink Quad is shipping now
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