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Enable native NTFS Read/Write in Snow Leopard

PostPosted: Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:56 pm
by Support
วิธีการทำให้ OSX 10.6 อ่านเขียน NTFS ได้

First, uninstall NTFS-3G/Paragon if installed.
Open (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal)
Type "diskutil info /Volumes/volume_name" and copy the Volume UUID (bunch of numbers).
Backup /etc/fstab if you have it, shouldn't be there in a default install.
Type "sudo nano /etc/fstab".
Type in "UUID=paste_the_uuid_here none ntfs rw" or "LABEL=volume_name none ntfs rw" (if you don't have UUID for the disk).
Repeat for other NTFS partitions.
Save the file (ctrl-x then y) enter and restart your system.

After reboot, NTFS partitions should natively have read and write support. This works in both 32 and 64-bit kernels. Support is quite good and fast, it even recognizes file attributes such as hidden files.